Joe Beddia of Pizzeria Beddia, the best pizza in America touched down on Bondi Beach.

7 nights from
July 22nd-July 28th.



The Vatican has the Pope, Sydney has Buddy Franklin, Philadelphia has Joe Beddia.

Lauded as the best pizza in America, Joe Beddia brought his world famous pizza to Bondi Beach Public Bar, with a bespoke pizzeria built within the restaurant. Thats right a restaurant within a restaurant.

Swapping Philadelphia for Bondi Beach, Joe will be worked hand in hand with good friends chef Monty Koludrovic and sommelier James Hird to seek out the perfect local produce for the menu and the wine list of Australian naturals and foreign rarities.

Pizzeria Beddia is not your typical pizza place. The 5-year old pizzeria occupying a nondescript corner storefront in Fishtown, Philadelphia, has just two employees, no seating, no phone, is cash only and prepares just enough dough for 40 ‘pies’ (pizza) a day. Open just four nights a week, Joe’s pies usually sell out immediately, lending to the famous queues that form several hours in advance of the doors opening.

“A great dough makes a great pizza… That’s why half my day is spent making it.”

– Joe Beddia

“This is the best pizza in America (yep, we said it)”

– bon appétit

After time spent working in Japan (Joe is a former brewer, spending time at Hitachino brewery) Beddia came to a life changing lesson, that you could dedicate yourself to one thing, do it really well and be successful. His second moment came after he sought out legends of the pizza world, cold calling Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco and 80-year old Dom DeMarco (Di Fara Pizza, Brooklyn), to talk tips, tricks, pizza philosophy and techniques. “It was like talking to Biggie Smalls,” Beddia says of speaking with Bianco.

“I slowly realised that all of my pizza heroes didn’t really follow any strict codes. They created their own paths.”

– Joe Beddia

Beddia has made every single pie to come out of his restaurant since day one. What you may not expect when visiting Beddia’s Pizzeria is the absence of a wood fired oven in favour of a gas Montague deck oven.

“I feel like I came to pizza by being observant. By being a genuine fan. By seeing, tasting, and feeling. It was a culmination of life and pizza experiences. That’s how I arrived at Pizzeria Beddia.”

– Joe Beddia

Some Philadelphia locals call Joe the Pizza Jesus. Others refer to him as the Jiro Of Pizza. Beddia counters with “It’s just f*#king pizza.”

After closing Pizzeria Beddia on the 31st March this year, Beddia opens his newer and bigger restaurant in Fishtown towards the end of 2018.